About Arabica Coffee

We buy the best coffees from selected planataions

to develop our superb blends.

Some origins are roasted seperatly to fully develop

their unique flovour before blending.

Only a Master Roaster will do this

Our Awards

The Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition

           Medal Awards

2006    2 x Silver       1 x Bronze

2007    1 x Gold        1 x Bronze

2008    6 x Bronze

2009    3 x Bronze     3 x Silver    1 x Gold

2010    1 x Gold

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About Your Team

  • Bernie Scotford


    The coffee industry is in my heart and soul; there was no other choice being a second generation Papua New Guinea planter.

    I retuned to Brisbane in 1982, and for the next six years worked for three major coffee roasting companies. I was Queensland Sales Manager for two years-that is when I realised there was a need for speciality coffee and founded Arabica Coffee in 1988. Speciality roasting new to Brisbane, but customers quickly realised the quality was far superior to the commercial roasters. In 1992 I combined with Elizabeth Lajos, who was the master roaster with another speciality company, and further developed our coffees. The coffee which won us gold in the Australian Grown category is a single origin grown in Morayfield, a suburb on the northern outskirts of Brisbane.


    Although we have almost 50 years combined speciality roasting experience, when we enter the ''Equal Golden Bean'' competition, I study the results and realise how much more we need to learn and evolve in this industry.